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- 6976 in service; repairs to starting contactor and dynamic brakes

Locomotive #6976 operated over 100 trips during the first quarter of 2021. It also had work done to its starting system, and repairs to its dynamic brake resistors.

- 231 ongoing work to its engine and bodywork

Locomotive #231 was fired up several times to address work done to its injectors. Additional work required on its water pump and auxiliary generator. Body work continues (with lots of bondo!)


6976 starting off the new year in service.


6976 at Boulder City station.


One of the nicest sunset train rides.


6976 standing by prior to departure.


6976's starting contactor: old vs new.


Starting contactor reassembled and installed on 231.


Bodywork underway on 231.


231 bodywork progressing.


6976 pitching in on a last minute need, long-hood forward.


A lineup of EMD locomotives.


Fired up 231 to troubleshoot injectors, water pump, etc.


Cleaning up and repainting 231's radiator section.


Radiator work on 231.


Removing dynamic brake resistors from 6976.


6976 dynamic brake resistor defective, new parts on order.


6976 at Railroad Pass.


6976 on the excursion train at MP 19.38


6976 at Railroad Pass.


6976 on the excursion train at Railroad Pass.


New dynamic brake grid installed.


Installing dynamic brake grid.


Several days of inspection work over the pit.


Last day of inspection work over the pit.


6976 out on the line, at MP 20.25


6976 passing Railroad Pass.


6976 at MP 18.80


Roof panel removed for refurbishing.


Side panels being removed.


Side panels removed for refurbishing.


Side panel frame being cleaned up and painted.


Side steps cleaned up and installed with new bolts.


Testing out 231's light package.




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